Meet the Staff

Nick Godwin

Nick (along with his wife Lindsay) is the Proprietor of Attwood Farm Nursery School.  Nick has a level 3 qualification in Montessori teaching and childcare and is the father of two boys. He is responsible for most of the day to day running of the school along with the accounting, fee accounts and structure and policy updating.

Lindsay Godwin

Lindsay is a State Enrolled Nurse and an experienced mother of two boys!  She also holds a qualification in Health and Hygiene and is a Cordon Bleu cook and cooks the school lunches. Lindsay is our designated and trained Special Educational Needs Coordinator, and also has attended courses in Maketon.and Child protection.

Sarah Frostick

Sarah is qualified to NVQ level 3 level.  She had experience working in a private boarding school prior to joining Attwood Farm and holds other Childcare qualifications. Sarah is in charge of the “Ducklings” room, and is Nick and Lindsay’s deputy and is in charge of the day to day care of all the children.

Sarah Bailey

Sarah is a qualified Level 3 Montessori teacher and has worked in three Nursery schools during her career and at present is in charge of the “Piglets” room. Sarah’s outstanding approach to all the children in her care is obvious and she is well justified  in her popularity with parents and children alike.

Tarryn Creasey

Tarryn Creasey

Tarryn has much knowledge and experience working in another local large nursery before joining us. She is level 3 qualified and is truly outstanding and professional. Tarryn is in charge of the day to day running of the “Goslings” classroom.

Susie Lloyd

Susie is NVQ level 3 qualified, and works part time supporting the running of the “goslings” class. Susie has three children and grew up locally with Lindsay.

Marcia Petrides

Marcia joined us as a classroom assistant working with Sarah in the Ducklings room. Marcia has a wealth of experience working as a nanny in England and teaching English back in her native home of Brazil, and has a NVQ level 2 in childcare. Marcia is married to Lindsay’s brother.

Jo Buckland

Jo is a classroom assistant with 10 years’ experience running a local toddler group and working previously in another local nursery school.  She has three children and works with both the Goslings and Ducklings. Jo has additional training in Maketon.

Tessa James

Tessa has worked with us on and off for the whole time that we have been open. She has a level 3 qualification in childcare and child development, and is also a very successful commercial artist and budding children’s author. Tessa is working with us periodically helping when we are short staffed due to holidays, ,illness and other appointments in our busy day to day lives.

Penny Petrides

Penny Petrides

Penny completes the family set up at Attwood Farm, as she is Lindsay’s Mother and granny to 9 grandchildren!  Penny helps out with the music and movement as she has past experience of teaching ballet to young children.

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